Reissuing Savings Bonds to a Trust

How to Reissue Paper Bonds to a Trust

The following information on trust registration applies only to paper bonds.

  • FS Form 1851 (download or order) must be signed by everyone named in the current registration of the bonds, in the presence of an authorized certifying officer, except that the signature of a beneficiary is not required for Series EE, HH, or I savings bonds.
  • If one of two people named on the bonds is deceased, then FS Form 1851 and a certified copy of the death certificate must be provided.  (We don't return a death certificate or other legal evidence.) The death certificate is not needed if the deceased person is a beneficiary named on Series EE, HH, or I savings bonds.
  • Pay special attention to item 5 on the FS Form 1851, as it concerns tax matters.

Note: Bonds reissued to a personal trust estate are no longer issued in paper form, but are issued as electronic bonds in TreasuryDirect. 

See information about trust registrations for electronic bonds.

Additional Requirements for Reissue of HH or H Bonds to a Trust

When Series HH or H bonds are reissued to a trust, the new owner must certify that the taxpayer identification number is correct and must not be subject to backup withholding. Certification is accomplished by completing an IRS form W-9 (download or order) or a similar certification statement on the FS Form 1851 (reissue application).

Who is responsible for signing Form W-9:

  • If a Social Security Number is provided to identify the trust, the Form W-9 must be filled out and signed by the person to whom the Social Security Number belongs.
  • If an Employer Identification Number is provided to identify the trust, one of the trustees must complete and sign Form W-9. The certification statement is incorporated in FS Form 1851; therefore, if the person whose certification is required has joined in signing FS Form 1851 and provided the appropriate taxpayer identification number on that form, a separate Form W-9 will not be required.

When Direct Deposit is Required

When Series HH bonds bearing issue dates of October 1989 and after are reissued to a personal trust, a trustee must complete and sign an SF 1199A providing the appropriate direct deposit information for semiannual interest payments.

The forms mentioned above are available at financial institutions in the United States.

Where to Submit Requests for Reissue

The bonds, FS Form 1851, IRS Form W-9, SF 1199A (if appropriate), and any required evidence should be submitted to the address on FS Form 1851.

How to  Cash (Redeem) Bonds Belonging to a Trust

When bonds are registered in the name of a trust, the trustee(s) requests payment. The bonds should be submitted to Treasury Retail Securities Services, PO Box 9150, Minneapolis, MN 55480-9150.