How Do I? Ö A Guide for Savings Bond Owners

Do you need help submitting requests for savings bonds transactions?  Here’s a guide that tells you the forms and documents you need to cash, reissue or distribute (according to a will or the law) bonds, or file a claim for lost, stolen, or destroyed bonds.

Note: Not sure if you have an older bond thatís thatís stopped earning interest? Use our Treasury Hunt search engine to see if any bonds are listed in the database. If so, youíll get information on how to claim and cash them. Treasury Hunt is updated monthly.

To use the guide, click the link below that applies to the type of ownership for the bonds you own or manage.

Individual, Co-ownership, or Beneficiary
Bond is held in primary ownership form with or without a co-owner or beneficiary.

Administered Estate
Bond owner is deceased and the court has appointed a legal representative for the estate.

Non-Administered Estate
Bond owner is deceased and there is no court-appointed legal representative for the estate.

Living Estate
A legal guardian administers the estate of a living person.

Bond is held in a trust by one person for the benefit of another.