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User Guide Sections 251 Through 260

User Guide 258

Page Title: ManageDirect® > Transfer with Rights

What you can do on this page

If you've been given Transact rights to a Treasury marketable security, you may transfer all or part of the security. This page provides you with a list of all securities eligible for transfer for which you, as a grantee, have been given Transact rights. Securities are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the grantor who has given you rights.

Primary Actions

  • Select a radio button for a security and click "Submit" to go to ManageDirect > Transfer Type.
  • Click "Cancel" to go to ManageDirect.

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User Guide 260

Page Title: Current Holdings >Pending Transfers > Detail

What you can do on this page:

You can view the detailed information for a pending External Transfer.

Primary Actions

  • Click "Return" to go to Current Holdings for Marketables > Summary.

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