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Roughly how much public debt does the United States currently have?

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The Art of Bonds - Posters

Over the years, the Government has used posters, newspaper ads, and TV commercials to convince people of the importance of buying bonds. Here are some interesting examples of those poster ads.

Poster: Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them - Buy War Bonds

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Thumbnail:  Uncle Sam-Buy War Bonds Thumbnail:  This is My Fight Too. Thumbnail: Buy GI Bonds Thumbnail: You Buy 'em We'll Fly 'em Thumbnail: Buy a Share in America Thumbnail:  Buy Bonds the G.I. Way! Thumbnail: Weapons for Liberty Thumbnail:  Even a Little Can Help a Lot Thumbnail:  Don't Touch the Shadow Thumbnail:  For Victory Thumbnail:   Save Freedom of Speech Thumbnail:  Give War Bonds Thumbnail:  Defense Bonds-Stamps

The amount of money spent on the Civil War totaled $5.2 billiion dollars! Budget Surplus:  When the U.S. Government has more money than it needs to pay for the services it provides. Savings Bonds:  Savings bonds can be purchased directly from the Treasury Department in electronic form.  Learn More...